Better News

news of the people, by the people and for the people

What is wrong
with our news?

Our current news systems are badly broken. Fake news, fear tactics and online filter bubbles make it very hard to find the truth in our current news. Trust depends on truth and without trust we can not build a good community.

Better News
is the solution

Better News is a global neighborhood community that bridges the gap between online and offline by enabling us all to report, edit and participate in our news. Local to local and local to global.

How does
Better News work?

News stories are reported by local members of Better News. Locals, journalists and specialists are notified, improving and adding to the report. A fact-checked news report with on-site coverage has been created.


We need more collective wisdom
and less collective ignorance

Better News will actively transform both ordinary and not so ordinary people
into news reporters, cameramen and editors.

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