Local online media, an interesting view

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Local online media, an interesting view

February 22, 2019 Local 0

An interesting point of view on local news and online media mistakes from Wired.

Most news is local, in the sense that generally things matter more to people closer to what is happening, sometimes geographically and in interests, specialities and our general circumstances.

On Better News we will be able to trust in a system and community that we know first hand values our work well and facilitates positive and honest participation experiences with former strangers. With trust of verified local news comes transferred trust to news coming from further away, within the same community. Thus we will create online trust in a way not seen before.

Media’s fatal flaw: Ignoring the mistakes of newspapers

Hint: If you’ve reached your 3 article limit on Wired (and NYT) you can open it in an incognito / private browser window

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