It’s all about trust

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It’s all about trust

February 28, 2019 Trust 0

and lack of it.

Trust is stronger than facts in our minds. Stories and narratives affect us more than facts. Trust and a good story are two strong factors that have more weight with us than the facts and the truth. Especially on an unconscious level. The safety of trusting in and agreeing with our herd (homo sapiens is a herd animal) and the shared joy and excitement of listening to the stories around the fire. Our current campfire is online, mostly on social media.

Fake news most often uses a narrative that their targets find plausible and interesting to create stories that have very little base in reality, often using our fears to get their foot in. Fighting them with facts does not really work well, we need to appeal to emotions to reach most people.

Instead of fighting our instincts and unconsciousness we need to work with it to improve our news. Trust is anti-fear. If we are afraid and find something we can trust it changes our fear and gives us hope which is something we really need today.

Better News will create trust as we will work together to tell each other our stories. Our news will always be traceable to local sources with trust ratings based on their previous work. Together we will find, report and edit our collective truth in a community that values and rewards honesty and good work.

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