Fake news thrive on uncertainty

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Fake news thrive on uncertainty

March 6, 2019 Trust 0

Interesting article about why deepfake videos are unlikely to be a problem in fake news, from The Verge.

Fact: ‘Twitter and Facebook have unmasked tens of thousands of fake accounts from troll campaigns, but so far, those fake accounts haven’t produced a single deepfake video.’

The essence of fake news is that they’re fake, there is no real evidence for a claim. ‘Most operations we’ve seen so far have been more about muddying the water than producing convincing evidence for a claim.’

Our faulty reasoning that our processes are rational but not emotional: ‘We sometimes think of these troll campaigns as the informational equivalent of food poisoning: bad inputs into a credulous but basically rational system. But politics is more tribal than that, and news does much more than just convey information. Most troll campaigns focused on affiliations rather than information, driving audiences into ever more factional camps. Video doesn’t help with that; if anything, it hurts by grounding the conversation in disprovable facts.’

Deepfake propaganda is not a real problem

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