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The voice of truth

April 24, 2019 Trust 0

‘I did tell them that they had facilitated multiple crimes in the EU referendum. That as things stood, I didn’t think it was possible to have free and fair elections ever again. That liberal democracy was broken. And they had broke it.’

Someone had to say this, Carole Cadwalladr did it. Very good! Also kudos to Ted for hosting her presentation. Some would call this ‘biting the hand that feeds it’ but a true friend is one who tells you when you’ve made a mess.

If only Zuck and the rest would be able to listen and understand but they’re probably beyond that point. Which means that we will have to fix the situation ourselves.

Without responsibility there can be no trust. The social media giants don’t take any responsibility for the abuse of their platform and the sad fact is that their basic framework makes this probably impossible. This is one of the reasons we need Better News, a community that will manage itself and whose framework will make this kind of abuse impossible.

Guardian article (which really says it all)
Ted video (def worth the time)

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